Sometimes, the hardest hurdle to overcome is the initial push to begin addiction treatment. Treatment can be daunting if you do not know what to expect, and many people assume the worst. Whether they’re just artificial excuses or legitimate obstacles, there exist many reasons people do not begin or continue their addiction treatments.

What are some Common Barriers to Addiction Treatment?

No matter the cause, learning more about the barriers to addiction treatment can leave one better equipped to handle the situation. Conquering addiction and defeating its barriers may ultimately mean the difference between saving a life and tragedy. There exist several common barriers to addiction treatment. These include:


Denying that one has a problem with substances or that one does not need addiction treatment is a common barrier that many users face in one form or another. When a person denies they have a problem, they are creating their own barrier with which they hope to protect their addiction, be it consciously or subconsciously. Denial is often the first step to overcome during the addiction treatment process.

Social Standing and Privacy

Whether we know it or not, privacy and social standing are important to all of us. It is common for those struggling with addiction to fear that their friends and family might think less of them if they seek treatment or expose their dependency. However, friends and family want what is best for you and would rather see you healthy and well than dependent and suffering. It is important to remember this when facing the prospect of recovery, as many would rather keep their dependency private than to admit to others they have a problem and seek help.

Fear of Treatment

The fear of treatment is something many users experience. After all, fear of the unknown is prevalent among the majority of the human race. As such, a fear of the unknowns involved in addiction treatment is understandable. However, by conducting research into different treatment plans, and finding out what those treatment plans entail, one can effectively ease their mind and put their worries to rest.

Time Constraints

Whether real or imagined, time constraints can have a big effect on one’s decision to seek treatment. As nearly all Americans have to work within time constraints in order to accomplish anything, this barrier can be one of the most legitimate and effective excuses out there. That said, it is imperative to find or make the time for treatment. Time-related excuses are easy to make and easy to believe. Legitimate time-sensitive issues do arise, however, making this one of the trickier barriers to overcome.

Admission Difficulty

Difficulty in admitting or acknowledging that one has a dependency issue is not easy. Many people will go to great lengths to hide their addictions from loved ones. This obstacle can be overcome by providing a supportive and loving atmosphere to the struggling loved one, and assuring them that you want what is best for them. Once the barrier of admission difficulty has been surpassed, one can begin seeking avenues for effective treatment.


Cost can be a legitimate barrier that many users face and must overcome in order to get effective treatment. Fortunately, there are many insurance programs that can assist in covering part or all of the treatment needed. While cost is a legitimate concern, it should never stand in the way between a person and a drug-free life.

Overcoming Barriers to Addiction Treatment

When overcoming the barriers of addiction treatment, one must remember you do not have to go through the process alone. Having a supportive group of individuals with your interests at heart will give you a higher likelihood of lasting recovery.

Attempting to undergo the detox process alone can be highly dangerous. In addition, attempting solo withdrawal almost always results in relapse. By finding the appropriate system of support, one gives themselves the best odds of overcoming the barriers to addiction treatment and to a life of lasting sobriety.

Get Lasting Addiction Treatment in Tennessee

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