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Drug use can significantly damage a person’s health. Additionally, it can negatively alter their physical appearance. Unfortunately, this damage often first reveals itself on a person’s skin. Consequently, it results in open sores and extensive scarring. As well, given the uncomfortable and dangerous nature of addiction-related wounds, it is crucial to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Thus, for this reason, Detox West provides clients with comprehensive wound care in Memphis, Tennessee. 

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Addiction Wound Care in Memphis, TN

First and foremost, proper wound care is vital to the health and safety of those battling addiction. Thus, when individuals do not clean their injuries effectively, they become at risk for severe medical complications. Tragically, these have the potential to lead to amputation and even death as a result.

Consequently, to avoid these irreversible issues, individuals must either seek medical attention or learn how to adequately care for their addiction-related wounds themselves. Fortunately, through our wound care services in Memphis, we address clients’ injuries as well as teach them ways to continue caring for their wounds following treatment.



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Common Addiction-Related Wounds

Addiction-related injuries stem from the drug a person is using, the method by which they are using it, or the specific chemicals the drug has. What is more, these wounds are shared with roughly one-third of individuals struggling with drug misuse. As a result of drug misuse, they end up developing a form of them each year.

Specifically, the substances most likely to cause wounds can include the following: 


Also called meth, is known for causing open sores, which lead to infection. Secondly, these sores typically present themselves on a person’s arms as well as their face. In most cases, they are caused by “meth mites”. This refers to the imaginary bugs those under the influence of meth often hallucinate under their skin.

As a result, they pick and tear at their skin in an attempt to release these bugs. As well, given those using meth often struggle with personal hygiene, these sores rarely receive proper care. Therefore, individuals may face abscesses, tissue death, sepsis, and even having limbs removed.


People typically inject heroin, thus scarring veins and creating track marks. As such, when these wounds are not properly addressed, they can result in skin infections, abscesses, and skin lesions. Furthermore, more serious complications can occur. For example, this includes sepsis, for example, which can turn lethal. Last but not least, there is cellulitis, which is an infection that affects the soft tissue under the skin.

Moreover, it is not uncommon for people to cut heroin with toxic substances as well. For example, citric acid is often in heroin and is very dangerous when injected. Specifically, it leads to acid burns in the veins, blood vessels, and other tissues. As a result, individuals may develop dead or necrotic tissue, which can lead to amputation. All in all, insummary, individuals seeking wound care following heroin use are very common throughout Memphis, let alone the entire United States.

Cocaine and Crack Cocaine

Those using cocaine and crack cocaine are at risk of a variety of skin injuries. Additionally, in most cases, these wounds result from injecting these substances. However, they can also develop from snorting or smoking them as well. As with the aforementioned drugs, cocaine use can lead to necrosis and abscesses as well as skin ulcers and form fibrous tissue.

Additionally, the use of these substances can cause loss of nose cartilage, pustulosis, blackening of the palms, and inflammation of blood vessels and veins. Like heroin, the primary reason the use of cocaine and crack cocaine often spark the need for wound care is that they are commonly cut with harmful substances. Shockingly, these drugs often contain levamisole, which is a cow and horse dewormer. Unfortunately, this medication is not designed for human use. Therefore, it can lead to skin rot as well as sores, for instance, when taken for a prolonged period of time. 


A devastating substance, krokodil is made from a type of illegal semi-synthetic opioid known as desomorphine. Though it is not a super well-known drug, krokodil is incredibly harmful. Moreover, it consists of a mixture of codeine and toxic chemicals like battery acid, gasoline, and paint thinner.

As a result, those using krokodil develop scaly gangrene skin ulcers. In fact, the name of this substance stems from the fact that these green-gray abrasions resemble the skin of a crocodile. Lastly, when individuals continue using this dangerous drug they are at a high risk of sepsis, bone infections, abscesses, and necrosis. 



Person applying wound care for drug addiction in Memphis

Tips for Treating Addiction-Related Wounds

Fortunately, Detox West offers wound care treatment in Memphis, Tennessee. What is more, professional medical intervention guarantees the most successful outcomes. However, we also provide clients with wound care education. In fact, we, in turn, believe every person should know how to safely and effectively address their injuries.

Below, we have listed steps individuals can take in order to prevent their addiction-related wounds from becoming severe or life-threatening. If someone believes they are at risk of a tissue or skin infection due to a current injury, the following tips may in fact be helpful:

  • It’s best to keep the wound as clean and dry as possible. To accomplish this, wash and disinfect the injured area on a daily basis. 
  • Try to ingest a higher amount of protein and fat as these will help the body heal at an optimal rate.
  • Know the signs of sepsis. These include fever and chills as well as pain that occurs around the infliction, the groin, and/or the armpits. It is best to seek emergency attention immediately if these symptoms develop.
  • Turn to medical professionals for help. For instance, emergency rooms frequently assist people with addiction who are in need of wound care. Not only will they help treat the injury, but they will advise the person on how to continue caring for it. 
scissors, bandages, cotton balls, and medical tape for addiction wound care

Begin Addiction Wound Care in Memphis, TN

Wound care and addiction often go hand-in-hand. Subsequently, Detox West strives to address your addiction and wound care needs as quickly and safely as possible. Our qualified team members are ready to effectively treat addiction-related injuries in order to prevent infection and promote healing. To learn more about our wound care services in Memphis or to begin your recovery journey today, please give us a call or visit our admissions page

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