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Detox Overview

Cocaine addiction severely compromises all areas of a person’s life. Someone battling cocaine addiction will undeniably suffer a series of consequences, ranging from financial issues and legal problems to severe, persistent health concerns. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports that in 2021, roughly 4.8 million Americans over the age of 12 used cocaine at least once within the past month. If you or someone close to you has been impacted by cocaine addiction, help is available, and cocaine detox is a necessary first step on the road to recovery. 

At Detox West Tennessee, we have developed a practical and accessible cocaine detox program. We combine around-the-clock medical care with therapeutic intervention, allowing our clients to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally.

In addition to providing a safe, pain-free cocaine withdrawal, we help our clients prepare to take the next step on their personal recovery journeys. Contact us today to learn more about our cocaine detox in Memphis, Tennessee.

What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is an addictive and illegal stimulant drug. Classified as a Schedule II drug, cocaine has a high potential for misuse and dependence. Still, it can be administered by a doctor in a professional medical setting (however, nowadays, this is exceedingly rare). 

Cocaine is often used recreationally. Dealers also frequently dilute the drug with various non-psychoactive substances to increase its street value, including cornstarch, talcum powder, and baking soda. More recently, street dealers are cutting cocaine with fentanyl, which has dramatically increased cocaine overdose deaths. 

NIDA reports:

People abuse two chemical forms of cocaine: the water-soluble hydrochloride salt and the water-insoluble cocaine base (or freebase). Users inject or snort the hydrochloride salt, which is a powder. The base form of cocaine is created by processing the drug with ammonia or sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and water, then heating it to remove the hydrochloride to produce a smokable substance.

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Signs and Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction 

What are the symptoms of cocaine addiction? Cocaine use disorder develops over time. Once physical and psychological dependence develops, a person can no longer control their cocaine use. At this point, professional addiction treatment is necessary. 

The most common signs of cocaine addiction include the following:

  • Attempting to quit or cut back on the amount of cocaine being used with limited success. 
  • Craving cocaine throughout the day. 
  • Consistently using more cocaine than intended for longer periods than intended. 
  • Experiencing problems in interpersonal relationships as a result of cocaine use.
  • Experiencing issues at work or at school as a result of cocaine use. 
  • Spending a disproportionate amount of time obtaining, using, and recovering from the effects of cocaine. 
  • Combining cocaine with other chemical substances.
  • Neglecting activities that were previously enjoyed. 
  • Developing a physical tolerance for cocaine over time. 
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when cocaine is stopped suddenly.

Our Cocaine Detox in Memphis, TN

Anyone who has been using cocaine for any length of time is at risk of experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms of cocaine withdrawal are physical and psychological. To prevent severe complications from cocaine withdrawal, it is highly recommended that anyone struggling with cocaine addiction enter our cocaine detox in Memphis as a necessary first step on the road to recovery. 

When a person enters into a cocaine detox center they are closely monitored by a team of medical professionals for the duration of the withdrawal process. Symptoms are treated as soon as they develop. Once a person is physically stabilized, they transition into the next appropriate level of clinical care

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Detoxing from Cocaine 

Detoxing from cocaine is rarely life-threatening. Still, symptoms should be closely monitored in a professional detoxification center. Generally speaking, cocaine detox takes between 3 and 7 days.

Furthermore, the duration of the process depends on the severity of the cocaine use disorder and whether or not cocaine was being combined with other chemical substances. In addition, the presence of pre-existing health conditions affects the cocaine detox process. 

Cocaine Withdrawal Signs and Symptoms 

Acute cocaine withdrawal symptoms include the following:

  • Anxiety and panic attacks 
  • Irritability and agitation 
  • Insomnia 
  • Persistent nightmares 
  • Depressed mood 
  • Suicidal ideation 
  • Difficulty concentrating and paying attention
  • Increased appetite 

Stimulant withdrawal does not generally result in severe physical symptoms. However, psychological symptoms can be debilitating. Many people who are undergoing cocaine withdrawal experience feelings of depression and dysphoria that lead to suicidal thoughts.

At Detox West Tennessee, we have psychiatric professionals on staff who effectively treat the short-term psychological symptoms of acute cocaine withdrawal. 

treatment professional talks to client in therapy during cocaine detox

Treatment Options for Cocaine Withdrawal 

There are currently no FDA-approved medications to alleviate the symptoms of cocaine withdrawal. Generally speaking, the most effective treatment options for cocaine withdrawal include rest, therapeutic intervention, and psychiatric monitoring. To learn more about the cocaine detox process and the best treatment options for cocaine withdrawal, contact us today. 

What to Expect from our Memphis Cocaine Detox Center 

At Detox West Tennessee, we take the guesswork out of the treatment process by thoroughly answering questions and walking our future clients through the treatment process from beginning to end. 

Once a client arrives at our treatment center, they:

  • Undergo a personalized and detailed assessment. This assessment helps our clinical team determine which detoxification methods will be most effective for each unique case. Assessments are physical, behavioral, and psychological. 
  • Are assigned a clinical team. Each client is paired with a case manager, a licensed therapist, and a team of experienced medical professionals who will guide them through cocaine withdrawal. The clinical team ensures each client is safe and comfortable at all times. The clinical team also prepares each client for continued success in sobriety by crafting a personalized aftercare plan. 
  • Are shown around our state-of-the-art treatment facility. Comfort is one of our top priorities. Clients have access to a range of amenities throughout their stay. 

peer support group meets during Memphis cocaine detox

Cocaine Detox in Memphis, TN

Our cocaine detox in Memphis provides individualized and effective detox services to Tennessee residents of all ages. If you or someone close to you has been struggling with a cocaine use disorder and has difficulty quitting without help, contact Tennessee West Detox today.

Our team of experienced and compassionate professionals can walk you through our admissions process, which begins with a free, no-obligation health insurance benefits check. 


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