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As one of the world’s largest insurers, UnitedHealthcare (UHC) offers an array of plans with different levels of healthcare coverage. However, most of these policies provide some level of assistance for the treatment of any substance use disorder.

The level of assistance depends on the individual plan and the member’s place of residence. Read on to learn how coverage with UHC provides detox in Memphis, Tennessee, what other insurance plans we take (like Cigna) and how Detox West Tennessee can help.

What is UnitedHealthcare?

UnitedHealthcare (UHC) is the health benefits business of UnitedHealth Group. Founded in 1974, in Minnetonka, Minnesota, UnitedHealth Group is the seventh-largest company in the world through dozens of acquisitions. Additionally, it’s the world’s largest insurance company, when measured by net premiums.

UnitedHealthcare has four divisions:

  • UnitedHealthcare Employer and Individual provide healthcare coverage and services for large national employers.
  • UnitedHealthcare Medicare and Retirement provide health and well-being services to seniors.
  • UnitedHealthcare Community and State serve state programs that care for the economically disadvantaged, the medically underserved, and people without employer-funded healthcare coverage in exchange for a monthly premium.
  • UnitedHealthcare Global serves more than 6 million people across 130 countries with healthcare benefits.

UHC revenues comprise roughly 80 percent of UnitedHealth Group’s total revenue. UnitedHealthcare offers a range of health benefits in its aim to enable affordable healthcare coverage. This, in turn, delivers access to high-quality care throughout the U.S.

QSSI—a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group—is one of the 55 contractors hired by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to work on HealthCare.gov. This health insurance exchange website is under the provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

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UHC Plans

Across the U.S., UHC offers commercial group insurance plans under different names and offers different levels of coverage. UHC’s numerous plans offer varying degrees of coverage. Fortunately, most of them provide addiction treatment.

These plans include:

  • UnitedHealthcare Select is an exclusive provider organization (EPO) offering zero coverage for out-of-network providers.
  • Select Plus remains the company’s preferred provider organization (PPO).
  • UnitedHealthcare Choice is an HMO plan that offers access to healthcare specialists.
  • Choice Plus is an HMO allowing for coverage for out-of-network providers.
  • UnitedHealthcare Navigate, Charter, and Compass require a primary care physician’s referral to see a specialist.

Does UnitedHealthcare Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

To ensure members find help for substance use disorder and alcohol use disorder, UnitedHealthcare has its own division dedicated to addiction treatment: United Behavioral Health.

United Behavioral Health provides confidential services to connect members with a substance abuse healthcare provider. Meanwhile, UHC’s yearly preventative care visits include screening and counseling in a primary care setting for alcohol and substance abuse.

As for its policy coverage of substance use disorder and alcohol use disorder, UHC plans include:

  • Inpatient hospital detox
  • Inpatient rehab
  • Outpatient detox
  • Outpatient alcohol and drug abuse rehab

A UHC member’s coverage of inpatient rehab depends both on the type of plan they have and the state in which they reside. Along with individual and family plans, UHC offers short-term medical plans that may or may not offer coverage for substance abuse treatment. Meanwhile, UHC’s outpatient rehab coverage closely resembles its inpatient rehab coverage.

Some UHC plans have pre-certification requirements, depending on the services provided and whether the program in question counts as inpatient or outpatient. Thus, it’s always a good idea to reach out to a UHC representative or discuss options with a treatment provider.

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Do Treatment Providers Have to Be In-Network?

For the most part, addiction treatment facilities and providers do not have to be in-network. That said, some plans require higher copays for seeing a provider that is out-of-network. As such, it is recommended policyholders check with a UHC representative to determine out-of-network costs and which services they will be responsible for.

Do Members Have to Pay a Deductible for UHC Coverage? 

Before figuring out whether they will have to pay a deductible for their coverage, people would do well to first learn what exactly is a deductible. A deductible is the amount of money that plan members are required to pay out-of-pocket for medical services before the plan “kicks in” and begins to pay for medical services.

This excludes certain preventive services that are covered automatically. For example, deductibles can amount to a lot or a little, depending on the specific plan. If one does not anticipate needing many medical expenses for the upcoming plan year, a high-deductible plan makes practical sense, since the monthly premium on these plans is relatively low.

High-deductible health plans work well for those who are young and generally healthy, without dependents and who can cover out-of-pocket costs for unexpected situations. However, for those anticipating significant medical expenses in the coming year, a low deductible plan might be the way to go.

Moreover, wondering about a deductible with UHC for detox in Memphis, Tennessee depends on the type of plan one has, and which state one resides in. It depends on whether the treatment provider they are considering is labeled “in-network” or “out-of-network.” Therefore, it’s a good idea to reach out to a UHC representative to discuss options and what they mean in terms of one’s deductible.

Explore Your Options with UHC for Detox in Memphis, TN

The costs associated with effective addiction treatment can and should be a concern for those seeking help. However, cost should not hinder anyone from getting the help they need. For help verifying your insurance plan and finding equitable solutions, Detox West Tennessee representatives are available to discuss your situation and all available solutions, including UHC-covered detox in Memphis, Tennessee.

Contact us today to explore your options and find the most appropriate treatment for your specific needs.

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