Drug Rehab Aftercare in Memphis, TN

For those struggling with drugs and alcohol, recovery is complicated. To avoid relapse, many individuals need additional help after they have completed a primary addiction treatment program. Drug rehab aftercare in Memphis, Tennessee comes in many forms, hence providing individuals with the extra support they require. These services offer structure and help individuals maintain a sense of accountability as well as community long after treatment has ended. 

What is Drug Rehab Aftercare?

The effects of addiction are long-lasting. Because of this, this disease continues to impact a person’s emotions, thoughts, and actions. The effects last even after they complete an extensive treatment program. As a result, drug rehab aftercare is more often than not an integral part of a successful recovery. Aftercare services all share one common goal—helping individuals sustain their sobriety, avoid relapse, and craft a happy, fulfilling life. 

This type of programming offers individuals additional support, so they can continue focusing on the root cause of their addiction while beginning to make constructive life decisions. Though aftercare services are designed to prevent relapse, they also offer help to those who have fallen back into alcohol and drug use. All in all, this results in creating a non-judgmental way for individuals to comfortably transition back into a recovery program.

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Types of Drug Rehab Aftercare in Memphis, TN

Similar to formal rehab programs, different levels of aftercare are more or less advantageous based on an individual’s specific needs. As a part of long-term recovery maintenance, individuals often follow a step-down aftercare plan. This means that they begin with a more intensive aftercare option. After this, they transition to a program with a lesser time commitment as they continue to grow in their recovery and strengthen in their sobriety.

The following highlights the common types of drug rehab aftercare in Memphis, Tennessee:

Sober Living

Also known as transitional living houses, sober homes are a great option for those who need continuous structure. Also, they are perfect for those who do not have a safe and supportive living environment to return to. Typically, individuals move to a sober home immediately following treatment. There, they must adhere to specific house rules and participate in household chores. This helps residents to learn responsibility while maintaining a crucial sense of accountability, and many transitional living environments offer career services and even skills training. 

Outpatient Programming

For those with a strong external support system or who need to return to work or school, outpatient aftercare is ideal. In most cases, individuals only attend outpatient treatment 2 to 3 days a week for a few hours at a time. These sessions are offered during the day and in the evenings in order to meet the needs of each client. As sessions go on and individuals continue to improve, less and less time is spent in treatment. Eventually, participants can transition out of outpatient programming feeling confident in their sobriety. 

Support Groups

The most flexible aftercare options include support groups. Common examples of these gatherings include 12-Step groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Non-12-Step groups are also available as well as personal peer support networks. Several meetings are held throughout a given day and are available in most areas. Not only do these support groups facilitate bonding, but they reduce the unfair stigma associated with addiction. 

Individual Therapy

Even after treatment has ended, it is important to continue working towards the root cause of a person’s addiction. By understanding why the person began using drugs and/or alcohol, they are able to confront their issues and find healthier coping mechanisms. During individual therapy, clients work one-on-one with a therapist to identify and address these underlying causes.

Benefits of Attending Drug Rehab Aftercare in Memphis, TN

There are a variety of benefits associated with attending a drug rehab aftercare program in Memphis, Tennessee. Notable highlights of our aftercare services are listed below: 

  • Continued Sobriety. Nobody wants to jeopardize their recovery efforts. Aftercare services prevent relapse while promoting a sober lifestyle. 
  • Consistent Support. Individuals can also be sure our reliable team will be there for them no matter what. Even if they do relapse, we at Detox West Tennessee are ready to help them get back on track.
  • Life Skills Training. Many of those in treatment can benefit from learning essential skills. This knowledge will only enrich their lives and broaden their opportunities. 
  • Career Services. Getting a job after treatment can be difficult. Aftercare can help people prepare their resumes and sharpen their interview skills.
  • Accountability and Structure. Aftercare services, such as sober living homes, give clients rules and curfews they must adhere to—thus improving their sense of responsibility.
  • Peer Networks. Bonding with others is an important part of treatment. Aftercare allows this bonding to continue thus helping individuals create concrete support networks.
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What to Look for in a Drug Rehab Aftercare Program

When a person attends a detox and/or rehab program, the facility typically provides them with aftercare services. However, they can also refer clients to a reputable aftercare program if necessary. This allows a person to focus on recovery instead of stressing over the next step in their journey to sobriety. Just like the client, every aftercare program is unique. Therefore, these programs offer a variety of services that are conducive to a constructive, sober life.

Highlights of aftercare programs include:

  • Housing
  • Transportation services
  • Drug testing
  • Continuing education
  • Assistance with finances and budgeting
  • Legal advice
  • Mental health services
  • Career services/training
  • Family and relationship counseling
  • Childcare services

Begin Drug Rehab Aftercare in Memphis, TN

Do not throw your recovery efforts away, attend aftercare to keep yourself on track. Participating in drug rehab aftercare in Memphis, Tennessee following detox allows you to solidify your sobriety on a long-term scale. Detox West Tennessee offers a variety of aftercare services in order to meet each of our client’s needs.

To learn more or to begin your journey to a better tomorrow, give us a call or visit our admissions page today. 

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