What happens after drug detox? First, it’s the beginning of a new, healthy, positive journey in sobriety. Deciding to end addiction ignites a new power inside. Once the mind and body are freed from the substance, healing can begin. You give yourself the gift of a new life, and the treatment plan prepares you for it. Detox is often a maze of discomfort, confusing thoughts, and physical distress. Once it’s over, the recovery begins.

What Happens After Drug Detox?

Once the body and mind are cleared of the toxins, the well-laid plans of the treatment team begin. The beginning of a commitment to personal growth and wellness will break addictive tendencies and research the underlying past issues that brought you pain. What happens after drug detox involves gathering the momentum needed to build a healthy, sober lifestyle.

The first concept to grasp is that you are in control of your life now. Drugs and alcohol no longer control you. So it is up to the newly born sober person what happens after drug detox. A monumental change is about to occur, forming a positive attitude, learning new healthy life skills, and understanding that you are responsible for your happiness.

Decide on a Treatment Plan

Deciding on what type of treatment plan you feel comfortable with is next. Now that you are free from the substance, you can begin planning the next weeks and months of hard work. The following choices are options for recovery treatment. What happens after detox is the roadmap for sobriety and must be thought out clearly. The following are acceptable treatment options after detox but must be evaluated to find the right fit for each individual.

  • Return home. This option poses the greatest threat of relapse. Since the goal is sobriety, going home and signing up for outpatient addiction treatment could be risky for you. Depending upon the length and severity of the addiction left behind, attempting to live sober directly after detox is a complex and challenging order.
  • Transition from detox to an inpatient addiction treatment program. Professional treatment counselors recommend this option. They teach new lifestyle skills for sober living. Individual and group therapy address learning coping skills and relapse prevention and offer the roadmap to reach long-term sobriety.
  • Moving to a sober living home and participating in an outpatient addiction treatment program. This choice is a middle-ground option to supply clinical care and supervision. In addition, you can learn new lifestyle and coping skills in the outpatient recovery program. This choice could work for those with mild to medium scaled addiction.

Steps To Take After Drug Detox and Treatment

The treatment program for addiction will eventually be over. Typically, treatment programs are completed in three months or ninety days. What happens after drug detox is the foundation for a new life. Successful program completion comes with an understanding that every day will present the decision to stay sober. For long-term sobriety to become a reality, there are a few essential steps to take.

Find Sober Friends and Establish a Reliable Support System

A critical factor in living a sober lifestyle is surrounding yourself with sober friends. When the goal is to remain sober, it is a negative lifestyle behavior and self-sabotaging to socialize and befriend people who are drinking alcohol and taking drugs. It is important to remember how your body reacted during detox to overcome your addiction. What happens after detox is the implementation of your newly learned lifestyle skills.

In your addicted lifestyle, your friends were also users. Now that you are sober and learning to be strong, your friends need to be sober and supportive. You are currently in control of your destiny and what happens after detox is up to you. Group therapy is helpful for meeting sober friends who can bring value to your sober lifestyle.

Evaluate Your Environment To Ensure Success

Just as crucial as choosing sober and supportive friends, where you live can strongly affect your long-term sobriety. This choice is similar to what happens after detox when you decide on your treatment options. What environment will you thrive in? What is the best environment to be comfortably sober in? You do not want to live in an area with a heavy population of bars and nightlife to tempt you back to using.

Focus on Taking Care of Your Mental and Physical Health

Individual and group therapy may continue for years after you finish treatment. So it’s valuable time to continue to grow personally and be supported by others in the same boat. Also, participating in holistic therapies like yoga, meditation, and nutritional therapies increase your chances of staying sober. It’s amazing what happens after detox. It’s a new world to enjoy, experience personal growth, and appreciate.

Remain Alert for Signs of Relapse

Addiction is a chronic illness, and relapse is a possibility every day. You were learning to Identify triggers while in treatment, and it will help you through long-term sobriety. Everyone has difficulties in life, so when things get hard, you will be tested. Practice awareness and do not ignore the signs you may be about to relapse from poor decision making. What happens after detox is the ever-present possibility of relapse. Do your best to avoid it.

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